🤑 LIVE this Saturday – Watch Me Speak…

Here is another blogpost I didn’t have to write thanks to the power of blo.gl. See how by visiting this site:

🤑 LIVE this Saturday – Watch Me Speak…

The first ever Online Rich Dad Summit starts Saturday at 9 AM EST. I’ll kick it off with a presentation on the 2 secrets to wealth. And the speaker lineup for the rest of the weekend is packed with the most talented financial and business experts I could find…

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Here’s the lineup:

– Me (Robert), Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
– The Rich Dad Team of Real Estate Investing Coaches
– Anik Singal, CEO & Founder of Lurn, Inc.
– Kotton Grammer, SEO & Marketing Guru
– Andy Tanner, Master Teacher & Investor
– Tom Wheelwright, Author of Tax Free Wealth
– Garrett Sutton, Legal Expert
– Max Wright, Bitcoin Expert
– Fred Lam, eCommerce Millionaire

We’ll show you how to do two things and only two:

1. Make More Money
2. Make Your Money Work for You

Don’t miss this. You’ll see how to set up multiple passive income streams that pay you even while you’re not working.

Ready to escape the rat race?

Get your seat (only $1) ➡ http://meadia.co/eEp7Vs5

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