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😮 WOW! Bitcoin Hits $13,000! 📈💲

If you’ve been paying attention to the news you’ve probably heard about Bitcoin. It’s setting record highs almost daily! And while it’s still volatile, you should at least be paying attention to it.

Which is why you should join me and thousands of others who have already signed up for the Rich Dad Summit (happening THIS WEEKEND) because…

Bitcoin Expert MAX WRIGHT (author of the book, “The Bitcoin Revolution”) will be on to tell you about the future of Bitcoin and how to invest in it.

To see what he has to say about this hot cryptocurrency, click the link and pay just $1 for a ticket to the Rich Dad Summit.

It starts on Saturday and goes through Sunday (that’s right, 2 full days of training). I’m speaking, too & it’s 100% Online.

Get in now before it’s too late…

👉 http://meadia.co/eEp7Vs5

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